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Did ya’ll know that if you dip your chalk in tempera paint, it won’t smudge on your paper?!?!  Well, I did not know this!!  For crying out loud people, where has this information been?  Good thing for the Idea Hoarder or I’da never ever known this fact.  The Preschool Hoarder uses this idea for Sunday along with a couple of other FANTASTICAL ideas to do with your kiddos!  And, drink up ya’ll cuz the big kids are making pop top bracelets.  It’s an amazin’ idea to share the gospel.  You do not want to miss it.  Another thing, share all these ideas with yer friends (if ya got any—hehe!) cuz some people just ain’t got no ideas—and that’s a fact!

Love’n summer fun!  Id’a

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