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Photographs can be used to make stand-up figures. Adding accessories such as stand-up figures to the blocks learning center provides opportunities for preschoolers to be creative in what they build and how they play with their friends.

Supplies for Stand-up Figures:

  • photographs of boys and girls
  • plastic cups
  • clear mailing tape
  • scissors


1. Photograph boys and girls individually. Print copies of the photographs.

2. Use clear mailing tape to attach the photographs to plastic cups. (See illustration.)

3. Place the stand-up figures on the blocks shelf or on the floor.

Teaching Tips:

Observe preschoolers as they notice the stand-up figures. Talk about friends at church. Listen as a child names the friends on the stand-up figures. Comment: “The Bible says Jesus had friends (Luke 2:52).  You have friends, too.”

Guide the preschoolers to use the stand-up figures to build their Sunday School room. Talk about favorite things to do with friends at church.

Bonus Idea:

Photograph a child in the block center. Mail the photo to the child to remind him of his time in the blocks center. The photo will also help parents know what the child did in his room at church.

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