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Tell stories but also give the children opportunities to tell present day and Bible stories. Children never tire of hearing the Bible stories. Just as they frequently read a favorite book over again. Learn to open the Bible and tell the story in your own words.

Consider these tips to enhance your storytelling.



1. Know the story well. Learn what the story is emphasizing and the purpose of the story.

2. Notice what senses are used in the story and highlight them (smell of rain, hot sand, sounds of animals or clear blue sky).

3. Consider the age of the children and adjust your vocabulary.  Explain words and help children practice pronouncing Bible names for better learning.

4. Eliminate any elements that are not necessary in the story.

5. Sequence the events in the story in your mind. Memorize the beginning and the end of the story. Tell the middle of the story in your own words sequencing the events (a simple note page in your Bible will assist).

6. Practice telling the story so you are comfortable with it. By practicing the story you can edit words and ideas swimming around in your thoughts to give you better confidence.

7. Catch the children’s attention at the beginning with your voice. Use action words, facial expressions, and eye contact to keep their attention. Lower your voice to draw them into the story.

8. Remove any competitive influences during the story. Save the props and pictures for after you have told the story for the first time. After the story, show the picture or props to reinforce and review the story.

9. Use an open Bible to the story passage while you tell the story. This will help children know the story came from the Bible and is a truth from God. Encourage children to use their Bibles by providing time to locate the verses.  Practice Bible skills during this time.

10. Enthusiasm is necessary. Use inflections. Whisper to get their attention but avoid screaming and shouting since that could scare kids.

Remember monotone is BORING!


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