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Each summer I am rounding up workers for different events and when enlisting those workers I want to give consideration to youth volunteers or as they prefer student volunteers.  I have had some youth workers that were awesome and were able to lead Bible studies, guide children in VBS crafts, give an impressive devotion at camp and most could even do stupid dog tricks as seen on Letterman.  BUT!  I have also had youth volunteers who acted like stupid dog tricks the entire time and caused me more grief than I cared to deal with.

I suppose you have had the same experience.  We could probably have one of those “that ain’t nothing” contest where I tell my worst story and you say, “That ain’t nothing!” then you tell me your worst story thinking it would trump mine but I come back with, “Oh yea, That ain’t nothing.” We could probably go on and on till Sonic Happy Hour started and that would trump the whole conversation because I have to have my Diet Dr. Pepper on time.

All that to say this, make a plan to screen your workers.  See the printable application attached so your student volunteers can apply to serve in the childhood ministry.  It would be very smart to interview them too.  It would be great experience for each student to have a “sit down” chat.  You can share your heart for the ministry and establish the boundaries and goals for the event.  Later you can appreciate them for helping the ministry achieve its goals and affirm them for being a part of the team.  Your affirmation will make sense to them because you explained things prior to the work being done.  Just setting you up for great success! You’re welcome.

Click Here to Download the Application

What about you, have you come up with any helpful ways to screen student volunteers on your ministry?



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