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God made the summer (Psalm 74:17) reminds us to think about planning a summer activity for the Giant Game Floor Mat. Packages of seeds will provide colorful pictures for the game mat and ideas for conversations about good food to eat and beautiful flowers to see and smell.

The game mat can be used in learning centers and in group time.


Supplies for Summer Activity for Giant Game Floor Mat:

  • Giant Game Floor Mat (LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564)
  • 20 brown paper plates (for the clear pockets on the game mat)
  • 20 packages of  seeds such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Command Hooks® to hang the mat on the wall—four holes are provided

on one side of the mat; the mat can also be placed on the floor.

Note about supplies: The paper plates were purchased at Hobby Lobby for $2.29 with 24 in a package. The seeds are four for a one dollar at Dollar Tree.


1. Place one paper plate in each pocket on the game mat.

2. Insert a package of seed behind each plate.

Teaching Tips:

  • Read Psalm 74:17. Listen as children name what they like about summer.
  • Talk about summertime and God’s plan for plants to grow—some for food and some for us to enjoy seeing and smelling.
  • Choose  a child to remove a plate from the game mat and find the package of seed.  Ask the child to identify the picture. As he shows the package of  seed, talk about planting seeds in the ground and waiting for the seeds to  grow.
  • Read other Bible verses to relate to the seeds:
    • God made every plant to grow (Genesis 1:11).
    • God made the flowers (Genesis 1:11).
    • God made the fruit (Genesis 1:11).
    • Think about the wonderful things that God made (Job 37:14).
    • God gives food to us (Psalm 136:25).
    • The flowers grow and bloom (Songs of Songs 2:12).
    • God sends the rain (Jeremiah 5:24).
    • God made the sun (Jeremiah 31:35).
  • Guide boys and girls to thank God for the wonderful things He has made.




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