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Plan to make sun crayons when the outdoor temperature is HOT! This idea is a way to make shaped crayons for children to use with art activities. Use name-brand crayons such as Crayola® because they will melt evenly. For the record, this was true for all colors except yellow which was slow to melt!

Supplies for Sun Crayons:

  • Styrofoam egg carton
  • crayons

Note: This is a good way to use crayon pieces, but the idea is worth using new crayons! Preschoolers will en joy using the shaped crayons.


1. Remove the paper on the crayons. Keep crayons separated by colors.

2. Break crayons into small pieces.

3. Drop crayon pieces in sections of egg carton. Start with a few pieces and add more during melting process. Stir with a craft stick if needed. Some pieces may spill into other sections—you might discover multi-colored crayons! (See illustration.)

Teaching Tips:

  • Display the shaped crayons on the table with art paper. Talk to the children about the different colors. Listen as a child names his favorite color.
  • Enjoy the creativity of boys and girls as they use the crayons on the paper to draw, make designs, or scribble.
  • Open the Bible to Proverbs 20:12 and read God gave us eyes to see. Mention seeing the colors in the crayons.

Expand the learning by asking a child to use the crayons to make a picture to send to a friend.  Help the child fold the paper to put in an envelope. Address the envelope to an absentee and include a note about the picture that his friend made.

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