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I hope your promotion day at church went terrific.  It is always a bit chaotic but we had some challenges that were over the top.

Seems like there are always challenging moments while everyone is trying to find their new classrooms and meet their teachers.  The crowded halls mixed with sentimental moments of picture taking, kinda reminds me of a circus gone bad.  I was looking for the guy on a trapeze to come fly overhead any minute.sunday

Then it happened.  The devil showed up. 

My wonderful team was so organized and smiling while welcoming families and giving directions.  We have multiple classes in each grade and my team was very accommodating with families trying to change classes (Which is a pain in the neck- to say it nicely).  Then a mother said, “I want my child in this class!”  My associate quickly responded with, “Sure, I can help.  I’m just waiting for people to ask.” Sooner than her kind response was given, the mother said, “I’m not asking, I’m telling.”

It is heartbreaking to me that a parent, who is well known by many, would respond so poorly on a very busy and crowded day.  It hurt my heart that someone would speak to one of my ministers this way.  She is so kind and an example of servanthood to all of us.  When she told me of the unfortunate encounter, I was heartbroken.  She did not tell me who it was but that is best.  I wear my feelings on my shoulders and terrible at bluffing.

I spoke with my education minister and also with my pastor.  We always think about people with terrible addictions and dark ugly secret sin to be the worst case scenarios but maybe that is not the worst.  I wonder if those of us inoculated with a little Jesus are at more risk.  I see people who are Christians but their entitlements are so ugly.  There are also children’s leaders who share the same attitude as this mother.  Be aware of your words because that is what is in your heart.  Don’t forget to have gratitude and servanthood.  We are the light of Christ after all.

How did your promotion day go?

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