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We try to end our School Year with a big fun night of activities during our usual time together.  Last year we played OMC- Organized Mass Chaos from And the kids loved that.  This year we have been battling rain and storms in Oklahoma City so we decided not to risk it with outside play.  It was a good decision because it rained and was cold outside.  You might have noticed I was wearing a hoodie.

I contacted Scott Timmons with and he gave me a good deal on four really big inflatable to put in our gym.  The adults helped guide those waiting in line so no one would get hurt.  We had ice pops in the plastic sleeves about halfway through our time.  This was a treat and a drink for those of us getting thirsty.

At the end of the evening, my associate and I braved the giant slide and climbed to the top the raced down while the kids cheered.  Laurie beat me to the bottom because I have more drag back there.  (Just saying.)

Finishing always feels good.  BTW- You can salvage teachers better since there is a finish date. What do you do to celebrate the end of the school year before summer programing begins?  Leave me comment, we all might want to use your idea next year.

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