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Kids can make an over-sized tea bag to hold a gift of kindness for a family friend.  Fold a sheet of white tissue paper into thirds so that you have a long strip.  Fold the strip in half.  Drop a tea bag, a packet of sugar or honey, and a plastic spoon down inside.  Fold the tops of the teabag over to form a point and staple shut (see picture).  Staple a string to the top of the newly assembled oversized tea bag.  On the opposite end of the string, attach a cardstock tag that says, “You are a TEA-RIFFIC friend!” on one side and “from the ‘ Your Last Name’s” on the other side. Encourage them to work with their parents to decide on an adult friend of the family that might like a kind note.  Discuss how friends of your family are loved by everyone in the family.  Find Bible stories about how a close friend loves you and even loves your family!


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