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We are planning a Thankful Party for our workers in November and we will have a fine time.  We discussed today, that waiting till Thanksgiving every year would never cut it.  We are looking at a faculty of workers that God gifted and blessed our children’s ministry with.  So I recommended to our staff that we put on our coaching hat and begin observing and affirming. 

Our workers need to hear words of affirmation about the great things they do, the relationships they build and the beautiful example they live for our kids each week.  We might find ourselves retaining more workers next year when practice leadership with words of affirmation and encouragement .

Here are a few other ways to say Thanks!Appreciation

  • Brag on a teacher to other members and staff
  • Perform a funny skit and say “Thanks!”
  • Video record children saying thank you. Show the congregation
  • Send appreciation cards
  • Display an appreciation poster with teachers pictures
  • Unexpected gifts and Sonic drinks are nice gestures
  • Create a special Sunday to recognize teachers and volunteers
  • Make a mini photo album for each teacher (end of year gift)
  • Birthday and Christmas cards
  • Random candy with a note or encouraging text

Never forget to give a pat on the back and say why you appreciate them!

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