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  • Do you know people who are creative?
  • Characteristics of Creative people: Creative people are often happy go lucky- whistle – live in the moment- joy- smiles- willing to take risks- enjoys the process as much or more than the product.
  • Creative people can be hard to get along with.
  • Highly creative people put out tons of ideas. 
  • They need people around them that can be details oriented.  (Wow people & How people)

Four UGLY words I hear teachers say- I’m just not creative. Most people decide around third or fourth grade if they are creative. Some teachers have decided they are not creative.

Rex Young, Neuro Psychologist “Our brain uses different networks for creativity than for intelligence. Frontal lobe is where we organize information and logical thinking. Intelligence is the super highway while creativity is the slow lane (Meandering drive). Creativity uses the whole brain with new roads not the same daily ruts.”

Use chenille stems or tear paper to create how you want the kids to act in your classroom. (Discuss the creations)

What’s needed to be creative?

  • Raw materials.  (Beethoven- rejected 70 note arrangements went on a long walk and it came to him.)
  • We need time for processing ideas to flow.  (It’s like the brain needs to be disengaged to produce alpha waves and create– ie. wake from sleep, warm bath, shower, yoga, driving, when is your preferred time?) 
  • Make time to waste time.
  • Humor is a high use of humor- listen for kids to use humor and affirm them.

 God is all creative!

Creating on your own is like drinking from a thimble, ask God! (seek ye first the kingdom of God… Not the internet) Don’t let fear hold you back. Paul said, “To Him who can do immeasurably more than anything we can think or imagine.” Stop letting the enemy hold you back!

How do I become creative and come up with new ideas?

  • Call yourself creative.
  • Make time to be creative.
  • Need raw materials to work with.
  • Certain activities help creativity.
  • Always be kind to others and consider their ideas – no judgments (brainstorming)

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