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When a Sunday morning session focuses on Jesus, preschoolers will participate in Bible-learning activities that guide boys and girls to know more about Jesus and what He did.

Puzzles provide opportunities for preschoolers to develop manipulative skills and enjoy challenging activities. Bible story




Supplies for Puzzles Activity:

  • 5 paper bags
  • letters—J-e-s-u-s (printed on labels or printed with a marker)
  • 5 puzzles about Jesus




  1. Prepare a bag for each letter: J-e-s-u-s.
  2. Gather 5 puzzles about Jesus. Remove the puzzle pieces and place one set of pieces in each bag.
  3. Place a bag on top of each puzzle frame to match the pieces inside the bag.
  4. Arrange the bags and puzzle frames on a shelf or a table.


Teaching Tips:

  • Invite a child to choose a bag and puzzle frame.
  • Encourage the child to remove the pieces from the bag to place inside the frame.
  • Open Bible to the New Testament reference for the Bible story illustrated on the puzzle.
  • Talk to the child about Jesus and what He did.
  • Read the Bible verse:

The Bible teaches us about Jesus (2 Timothy 3:15).


Teacher-Made Puzzles:

If you do not have wooden puzzles about Jesus, use Bible story pictures to make puzzles.

  • Cut a piece of sticky-foam to fit the Bible story picture. Cut the picture into puzzle pieces.
  • Use another foam piece (non-sticky), cut to fit the puzzle, to use as a base for the puzzle.

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