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Tips to remember when teaching children.

Apply three principles;

One, learning should be fun (for me and the children).

Two, target the age level of the children.

Three, we must “do” in order to “learn.”

**For children having fun includes something to do.**


Know your audience:

  • They can think and reason so they can draw conclusions.
  • They don’t understand symbolism yet.
  • They like heroes.  These heroes can be incorporated into the message as biblical examples.
  • Remove distractions if possible.
  • Attention span of a child is one minute per year of age.  Change it up.

The teacher should remember:

1. Use appropriate words and body language.

2. Think about the image you want to convey. (Smile and look friendly)

3. Treat the audience as a single person.

4. Make eye contact. (Making eye contact means making a connection)

5. Consider letting the audience participate.

6. We learn best in times of enjoyment.

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