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Say each number, showing the count with your fingers and then say the commandment.

1          One true God- (Do the number one with one hand)

2          Cut out all idols– (Do scissors with your number 2 hand on “cut”.  Take your thumb back of over your shoulder on “idols”)

3          Watch your words– (Take your three middle fingers and point to your eyes on “watch” then point the same three fingers out away from yourself on the word “your” then point the same three fingers back at your mouth on “words”)

4          Keep the Sabbath holy– (Take one hand and use your four fingers, pointing down, to “walk to church”)

5          Honor your mom and dad- (Salute)

6          Do not kill- (Take one hand and swipe it in front of you on “not”, take your left hand and divide your four fingers into two (like star trek) and take your right hand and make a “sword” with your index finger.  Take your sword and put through your other hands star trek fingers.) 

7          Do not commit adultery– (Take one hand and swipe it in front of you on “not”, and take the other hand and use two fingers to point at your eyes and then out, like you are “looking” with your eyes)

8          Do not steal- (Take both hands and fold your thumbs down, making your fingers count 8.  This depicts that sometimes your thumbs get cut off when you steal things)

9          Do not lie– (Take one hand and swipe it in front of you on “not”, swipe side of chin with one hand—palm down, fingers together)

10         Do not covet-(Take one hand and swipe it in front of you on “not”, take both hands and grab at “stuff”)

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