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God is good to us. Psalm 73:1

  • What you will need:tree
  • Variety of sticks, leaves, acorns
  • Button magnets
  • Large cookie sheet or oil pan
  • Adhesive to add magnets to sticks
  • Zip-lock bag or plastic shoe box

Put it together:

  1. Using adhesive, add a small button magnet to each stick.
  2. Preschoolers will enjoy making a tree with the nature items. No need to add magnets to the leaves or acorns as they stay in place as long as the cookie sheet is flat on the floor.
  3. An alternate idea would be to utilize laminated clipart leaves and pom poms as acorns. Magnets could be added to these items as well and would allow the cookie sheet to be placed upright.
  4. Store items in a zip-lock bag or small plastic shoe box.


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