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Hahahaha!!!!  Well, that’s good ‘cuz, them preschoolers are painting with popsicles!!  Fuhreezing cold good times.  What da ya know?  Uh course, there are some amazing ideas on this week’s hoarder!  You will want to keep these around for a long time.  Good ideas are a treasure…a treasure I tell ya!!  The big kids are making an amazing hand drawing thing.  It’s super cool.  I don’t think I could do it (haha).  But, that’s just me and them kids are waayyyy smarter that Id’a ever thought about bein’.  And, our writer assures us it’s easy and she gives us some good direction.  You better check it out to see what I’m talkin’ ‘bout!  This has been Id’a Hoarder comin’ at ya.  Ya’ll have a great day and an even amazin’er Sunday!!!!!

Preschool Ideas

Kid Ideas

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