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It’s Time!

VBS 2023 Decorations Are Here 


I love this year’s theme and decorations, and I am so excited for VBS 2023! We have everything you need: detailed descriptions, photos, videos, and even a set- up demonstration page. These decorations are easy to assemble, colorful, and giant!

The Game Show

   Yes, It’s America’s Game for the classroom! 

     This would be so much fun as a game show from your stage. Four contestants on each side.  Each person standing behind the tri-fold boards that you stick the letters “GAME SHOW” to add the pizazz to your stage.  The kids could guess the letters until a team has guessed the puzzle.  Your puzzle can vary to support the story or Bible truth we are learning that day.  The puzzle could also be a Bible verse or reference.  Your options are many!   

     Creating the puzzle wall is the easiest of all.  The large 8 x 4 feet sticker attaches to the construction foam board from Lowes then trim the edges.  See the demonstration.  The green spaces for the letters are half sheets of copy paper size (We chose card stock so the letters would not show through the back.).  We hole punched the top of the letter and added a pushpin or straight pin to hang the letter to be flipped over when guessed. 

     Creating the wheel comes with a few options. It can be created for decoration only by sticking the    panels to the construction foam board and cutting it out.  Place the wheel on a table in the center and your stage is finished.  I did use an extra layer of the foam boards to make it more rigid.  Looked awesome. If you want to make a working wheel, the extra layer might need to be wood and secure it to a retired office chair that swivels.  Simply remove the back and arms and strap the wood base to the seat of the chair so it can spin.  Any rolling wheels might be removed too.  I chose to use bolts (5/16), large washers on both sides of the wheel and a nut on top to secure it.  You can choose whatever size you want. 

     There is more than one right way to do this.  I just chose what was in stock and for the price.  Those spinning the wheel can use PVC pipe handles to spin it like they do in the actual show. Making a working wheel would be fun but you might need to enlist the help of others! 

Option:  In the classroom use a large cube for point value and “Bankrupt” or “Lose a Turn” to save space.  The wheel is eight feet wide.   

     The kiddos are going to love this simply from the giant, colorful pieces! This set is perfect for decorating a large stage or even a classroom.  There are several options to choose from so you can get the best value for the space you are transforming.  Photos and even thumbnail pics are available for you to see precisely what you are getting.  Each panel is 8 x 4 feet and fits on a sheet of construction foam board purchased from a home improvement store.  Please see our demonstration page to learn how these colorful panels easily mount to the foam board.

Get your Game Show bundle here.



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