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Through all the years of serving the church I have learned some things that I want to pass on to you over the next few weeks.  We don’t have to learn everything the hard way.  For me, there have been times of learning when I blew it and was stung so I never forgot the lesson.  There were times I learned for my pastor who blew it or shared with me wisdom and I took note and followed that path of wisdom.  I’m sure the same is true for you too.

Here are three things to know and practice in your children’s ministry:

  1. Know your job. Remember what God has called you to do and be sure you are giving that your focus and effort.  It is easy to step in and serve in some other ministry (music, students, missions to name a few). We enjoy fun tasks in other ministries especially when you are not the one in charge. It’s okay to assist other ministries and share your talents, but only in spurts or for a short time.  If you stay in that setting too long, you might get derailed from your ministry focus and even suffer the criticism of others.
  2. Children’s ministers work with adults. I know we have interaction with children and build relationships, but our work is leading the adults in our ministry. We also build relationships with parents who are seeking the Lord and we often have times of speaking into their lives too. Don’t be scared of adults and be their friend and coach them how you would lead in a class. If you do not purposefully invest in adults you might begin feeling like the Complaint Department when they come to you with all their troubles. Get ahead of that with your vision and mission so you can speak into their lives and begin affirming them on all the great things you see them doing.
  3. Find others to do your job. You wear many hats so start looking for other people to take some tasks and carry the load. There are some who will do small tasks and all you need to do is pray for these people to surface and ask them. Allow others to pushback on how they will do the job and accept their creativity so they can own the job as their own.


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