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Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day the Wednesday before by wearing pink.  I might be hard for you to believe but I kind of go crazy with this.  The evening schedule is still the same except for the time it takes to click some pictures and laugh together.  This is a great way to have an event within our usual schedule and send reminders and invitations broadcasting to kids to join the fun.
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We give prizes to the most pink in each grade then everyone gets a valentine and a candy necklace.  We celebrated a week early this year since I will be attending the Children’s Ministers Metro Conference this week.  I thought you might like to see a few pictures from the night.

By the way, the valentines were pressed out letters in an envelope as a puzzle.  The kids had to open the envelope and arrange the letters to understand the message (Example- U R 2 CUTE, B MINE, UR GR8, UR A SWEET heart shape).  It was great fun watching the kids open and solve the puzzles.

I did learn the boys were slow to dress in pink until I showed up in spray painted florescent pink shoes, socks, red pants & suspenders, pink shirt and hat the first year.  It has been a contest and lots of laughs every year since.  I think every kid’s minister should simply allocate a closet or portion of their closet to costumes because we still get to dress up and have fun!

Do you agree?  What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

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