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I am amazed how parents are the key to my classroom success. When a new child with special needs joins your classroom be sure to take a few moments to have a conversation with the parents. They have walked many miles with doctors and specialists, so they can impart some terrific ideas for aiding your leadership with the child during the Bible study time and activities. 

Here are three tips to better prepare you for successful teaching: 

  1. Poor Auditory Memory – Provide concrete examples such as a chart with visual icons to know the schedule for the class. 
  2. Low Tolerance Level and High Frustration Level –  Avoid over stimulation and provide quiet options such as a walk in the hallway away from big noise. 
  3. Poor Self-Esteem – Give opportunities for small wins and build your relationship with the child through affirming words, laughter and smiles. Watch for activities or methods he enjoys and succeeds at so you can repeat those often. Be sure to write them down because your memory isn’t that great. (Just saying.) 

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