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I looked at the game mat one day and considered how I could use it for a Tic Tac Toe game. This is another way to show how the Giant Game Floor Mat can be used in a variety of ways.

Preschoolers can identify familiar words and talk about Bible truths they learn each week in their Sunday School class.  The game can be expanded  to include questions for a child to answer before he takes a turn.


Supplies for Tic Tac Toe Game for Giant Game Floor Mat:

  • Giant Game Floor Mat (LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564)
  • masking tape and scissors
  • paper plates: blue and yellow (20 in a package at dollar store)
  • game words God and Bible printed on labels
  • Command Hooks® to hang the mat on the wall—four holes are provided on one side of the mat; the mat can also be placed on the floor.


  1. Hang the mat on the wall or lay the mat on the floor.
  2. Prepare the mat by cutting masking tape to make nine squares on the mat. The mat can be folded to show only the space needed for the squares. (See illustration.)
  3. Label nine blue plates with the word Bible and nine yellow plates with the word God.Make two stacks of plates—one for blue and one for yellow. Follow the guidelines for this game by leading a child to get three matching words in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).

Note: See a completed game in the illustration.

Teaching Tips:

  • Enjoy introducing this version of a familiar game by showing two different plates. Ask children to read the words on the plates. Hold a Bible and say,”All that the Bible says is from God” (1Timothy 3:16).”
  • Choose two children to play the game and give a stack of plates to each child. The first child to play will place his plate in one of the squares on the mat. The next child will decide where to place his plate. Continue the game until one child gets three in a row horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

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