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Preschoolers can use shaped crayons to make fall leaf prints. As a teacher talks about God’s plans for the seasons, she can describe what happens to leaves in the fall.  Talk about the crayon colors and colors seen on leaves during the fall months.

Supplies for Shaped Crayons:

  • “name brand” crayons (Other brands will not have the oil to make this recipe work.  Use Crayola® brand.)  Note: For fall crayons, choose colors such as brown, orange, red, and yellow.
  • muffin pan

Supplies for Leaf Prints:

  • leaves (use before leaves dry and crumble)
  • white copy paper/clear tape


Instructions for Shaped Crayons:1. Unwrap the crayons and break into small pieces. Fill the sections of a muffin pan  with the crayon pieces, separating by colors. Place pan in a warm oven  (about 275 degrees) and bake until crayons are melted.2. When cool, the crayons will pop out of the muffin pan.3. Place the crayons in a zip-lock bag or small container.Instructions for Leaf Prints:1. Place leaves on a tray or table.2. Lay a piece of white paper on top of the leaves.

3. Add tape to the corners of the paper to hold it in place.

4. Guide a child to choose a shaped crayon to rub across the paper.

5. Watch as the leaf prints appear on the paper.

Teaching Tips: As a child makes a leaf print, mention that the Bible says  God made the trees (Genesis 1:11). Say, “God planned for the leaves to change colors in the fall.”

  • Ask: “What colors are the leaves in the fall? What is your favorite color?”
  • Listen as children talk about other things they see outdoors in the fall.

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