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Please understand that your classroom needs your attention. We have moved in and out of these classrooms all year and it’s time to clean it up (especially after Vacation Bible School). Make it a goal this summer to get in that classroom and clean out the old, rearrange as needed, and possibly put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Here are some tips to remember:

Preschool Classroom Tips 

  • Furniture should not be flat to the wall, but rather peninsula out from the walls to help divide up the classroom. 
  • Create space for the Learning Centers. 
  • Have a Grouptime Rug (Most important piece of furniture) 

Elementary Classroom Tips 

  • Furniture should be mobile so there can be room to play games.
  • Fewer furniture items are needed (shelf, tables and chairs, storage cabinet). 
  • Orient grouptime in a semi-circle not around tables 

General Tips 

  • Post the “Fire Exit Route” near the door. 
  • Remove any broken items or furniture. 
  • Have a roommate meeting with those sharing the classroom at different times. 
  • Your room should be clean with no smell. 
  • Paint the classroom a neutral color and then add your colorful teaching materials.
  • Display photos of the kids. 
  • Make sure the decorations are not too over-stimulating. 

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