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TODAY!! “The Kid’s Ministry 411” on 4-11-16.

I will host a virtual kid’s ministry conference from 1:00-2:30 pm (CST).  You will be challenged and hear great ideas about leading your preschool & children’s ministry.  That’s right!  No travel, No lodging, just comfortable clothes and a moment to soak in all the great Kid Min 411 Information.  Register now to attend the “Kid’s Ministry 411” where there will be plenty of seating for everyone!

You must be registered to receive the handout and be eligible for the door prizes.

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Bible Skill Clothespins

This easy idea is perfect for many Bible skill games in the classroom.  Take the time to write the books of the Bible on the wooden clothespins using a fine point Sharpie marker.  Store the clothespins in a large zip bag and pull them out for group time games, early arriver or team games.

  • Clip a pin to the back or collar of each child for a game that requires questions to discover the name on your back.
  • Stretch a clothesline in your room for kids to clip the books in order.
  • Create shirt cutouts with the words of a Bible verse on each shirt to be clipped to the clothesline in order.

You can see these ideas and many more in the Bible Skills Idea Book at

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