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Most churches have to share space, either with other ministries or with other programs within your ministry. Sharing space can often become quite the sticky situation! Can I share something with you though? Sharing space is a mindset. Decide today to SHARE with others. Realize that each preschool and children’s class or program is there for the same purpose, to lay spiritual foundations in the lives of young children. Recognize that you are a team working together to provide what is best for children.

1. Get to know the team! Plan a meeting with everyone who shares the room. Talk about schedules and activities of each ministry. Ask other teachers, “What can I do to help you?” Pray for each teacher and ministry sharing the room.

2. Make a plan! Standard preschool and children’s equipment remains in the classroom. Work together during the meeting to arrange the furniture in a way that benefits all children and ministries. Make a diagram of the room arrangement and post in the classroom. Plan to leave the furniture the same from week to week.

3. Treat others the way you want to be treated! How do you feel when you find the classroom is a disaster? Determine to ALWAYS leave the classroom the way you want to find it. Put toys away, restock supplies, and generally leave the room nicer than when you came in.

4. Bring in unit or topic specific toys and materials during each session and return the toys to the resource room at the end of the meeting.

5. Be the leader and set the tone! We want children to share, so let’s role model. Throw away locks and labels. Be the leader in your ministry who refuses to talk about others, forgives when someone leaves a mess, and determines to share with a good attitude.

What do you think is your biggest stumbling block to teachers joyfully sharing classrooms?

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