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Thank you to all of you who have helped our family with heavy lifting and clean up as well as wonderful words of encouragement and prayers.  I always knew we lived in “Tornado Alley” but we always seemed to dodge the tornados until now.  I was at the church office getting ready for our Wednesday night activities with the kids and watching the radar on my computer.  We had already made arrangements for taking kids to the safe rooms in our building.  We had flashlights and things to entertain if needed.tornado 3

The first big storm past our house in Bridge Creek, but there seems to be more on the way.  I drove to our house to find my family very concerned and ready to go back into the cellar.  With that, the warning came and I escorted my family, friends and dogs back to the cellar where you do not need a candle these days.  We just waited patiently with the light of the cell phones.  I’ll be honest, we were very scared.

tornado 1When we came out, our porch support was missing and the other support was barely in place.  God protected us from the house falling on top of the cellar door.  There were trees down and broken patio furniture so I hoped that was all.  I walked around the house in the pouring rain with my son to discover the roof had been blown off the SE side of our house.  Further investigation inside proved to be the worst.  Water was pouring into our bedroom, living room and bathroom.  The ceilings we falling and rooms were flooding.

The next day many hands and strong backs came and blessed our family with clean up and roof repair so we could tarp it before the rains that afternoon (and each day following).  We are so grateful.  Now with only drip buckets we are dry and safe until the new roof can be put on.  Demolition of the walls and ceilings are happening so we can dry out. 

The video I took about being prepared for storms and emergencies will give you a look at the sky before I went into the cellar.  The photos show some of the damage.  Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement.  Itornado 2t is great to be part of God’s family but I’m especially blessed to be part of a family of Kid’s Ministry friends with you.


With Gratitude,

Mr. Mark

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