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We all need teachers to stay so that we can continue the work of teaching the Bible and sharing the gospel. That is more likely to happen if we invest in them along the way.  The need is great but the funds to provide training is limiting, at best.  I know training teachers helps with retaining them from year to year, and I also know that trained teachers are more effective in the classroom.  Let’s work together to invest and enrich your teacher’s training experience.

“The hard part is coming up with content for our next worker meeting while it feels like I’ve already told them everything that I know.”  

Every Kid’s Minister Ever

I have been traveling for years to train workers, and I have met some wonderful people who are inspiring to me.  The time and expense it takes for all the travel is not going to be most cost effective for all churches; but there are teachers who still need to be trained!  I have decided it is time to record my conferences and share them so more workers can be trained.  The wonderful part is no travel and lodging expenses, AND churches can save these video conferences for future use with workers.  

We have already recorded three conferences:

  • “When Your Class Acts Like Wild Monkeys”
  • “Fine Tuning Your Teacher Super Powers”
  • “Storytelling is a Lost Art”

All three of these conferences will be available March 16 for download. 

They are professionally produced with power point slides and come with handouts for your teachers to use.  I have filled each conference with examples and humor so that training can be fun.  I also tried to be concise so that there will be time for discussion to process the ideas mentioned.  I hope you and your workers will enjoy the training time.

Within the next few weeks, I will post clips for each training. This way, you can get a sample of each conference that I have to offer so far.  Three more conferences will be released before summer, but for now you can be ready to see these three conferences March 16

Thank you for your hard work in preschool and children’s ministry.  I hope I can help and encourage your work through Mr. Mark’s Classroom!

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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