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Whenever transportation, including field trips, is provided by paid staff or volunteers, all requirements regarding transportation must be met.

The following requirements pertaining to transportation procedure shall be met at all times:

  • A schedule showing accurate route and itinerary shall be planned and kept at the center to show approximately where the vehicle is at any given time.
  • The driver shall be provided with:
  1. a copy of the scheduled route;
  2. the name, address, and telephone number of the child care center;
  3. names of children being transported; and
  4. a method to contact the children’s parents in case of an emergency.
  • Safe conduct to and from all vehicles and safe off-street loading spaces shall be provided so that the children are protected from backing vehicles, from walking between vehicles, and from all traffic hazards.
  • Attendance shall be checked each time children board and exit the vehicle.
  • Children shall not ride more than 60 minutes one way, except for field trips.
  • Children shall remain seated while the vehicle is in motion, and no part of a child’s body may extend from windows.
  • Vehicles containing children should never be left unattended.
  • The use of tobacco products on or around the vehicle is prohibited while children are being transported.

(Requirements vary from state to state. Please consult the Department of Human Services Minimum Standards for Day Cares for a list of requirements for your state.)

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