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A man and his son were driving through the country when it became apparent they were off course and needed help.  Stopping at the intersection they asked for directions.  The nice pedestrian motioned and instructed them to drive a

mile and turn left. They continued on their way and after a mile they turned right.  The boy said, “He told us to turn left.”  The father replied, “He said turn left but he pointed right.  People don’t always do the things they say.  So watch their actions to really know the truth.”


A principle to remember in parenting and teaching children is, “Truth is caught
more than taught.”  The home is the schoolhouse of life.  Studies have proven that the home produces 80% or more of the influences- good or bad- that will mold the life of a child.  As a father, leadership and example will build the best defense for your children.  I came across 10 principles that work and your children should observe them in action.


  1. Doing the right thing is more important than pleasure.
  2. Fact is more important than opinion.
  3. Learning is more important that education.
  4. Maturity is more important than growing up.
  5. Character is more important than reputation.
  6. Obedience is more important than sacrifice.
  7. Godliness is more important than success.
  8. Listening is more important than lectures.
  9. Love is more important than things.
  10. Example is more important than explanation.

-Lowell Davey


The fact that “the home produces 80% or more of the influences- good or bad- that will mold the life of the child, “ is precisely why homes in general and Christian homes in specific are under attack by those who want to influence our children.  We must, as Christian parents and teachers, increase our involvement to influence our children with the truth of God’s Word. We must give back to our children the time we have spent on worldly pursuits.  “…children left to themselves disgrace their mother.” (Proverbs 29:15)

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