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  • Glue dots 
  • Rolo candies 
  • Cupcake liners (large & small) 
  • Wooden ice cream spoon (cut in half) 
  • Colored pencils 


  1. Use colored pencils to draw a turkey face on the spoon. 
  1. Fold the large cupcake liner in half. Open to add a glue dot, then fold again. 
  1. Fold the small cupcake liner in half.  Open and place a glue dot on each half. Fold this around the larger liner. 
  1. Use a glue dot to attach the spoon to the cupcake liners. 
  1. Use a glue dot to attach a Rolo to the front of the spoon to create the turkey’s body and allow it to stand. 

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Our new giant coloring pages are a hoot!

This is a fun project for your class to enjoy and decorate your classroom with. Mr. Mark hung the poster low and provided markers for the kids to fill in the color.
The kids enjoyed the activity and now we get to see our finished work hung up, giant in the classroom.

Mr. Mark’s wants you all to have a free 8.5 x 11 coloring sheet download to copy for each child!

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