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The Big Idea: The bookcase fronts appear to be loaded with evidence boxes and books.

Supplies Needed: Two 4 x 8 sheets of double thickness cardboard sheets, yardstick, utility knife, black marker, variety of colored cardboard like display boards, glue, miscellaneous stickers, labels and sticky dots.


  • Create a six foot bookcase by cutting and removing two feet off the top of the sheet of cardboard.  Use a sharp blade for clean cuts.
  • On the part you removed, trace the width of the yardstick across and cut the strips of card board to be used for the bookcase edges. Set aside.
  • The bookcase will be seen on one side and joined to the second bookcase on the other side.  To create the side panel on the visible side, measure 12 inches from the side (top to bottom).
  • This is the front of the bookcase. Carefully score the line with your knife without cutting through. Now fold the side panel back and stand up the bookcase.  Repeat this for the second bookcase but locating the side panel on the opposite side.
  • Lay the cardboard flat and draw shelves about 12 inches apart.  You can vary the distance if desired.
  • Glue the strips of cardboard to the edges but do not extend past the edge.  Glue strips across the front of the shelves.  Place books on the strips and allow to dry overnight.
  • To create the books and boxes from the colored cardboard, cut strips (varied widths) and squares.  Check the strips to the width of the shelves (approximately 10 inches).
  • Place all the books and boxes on the shelf with no glue until you are satisfied with the arrangement.  Allow some books to lean over and open space above boxes for visual interest.
  • Glue the shapes in place.
  • Add stickers, labels, dots for the purpose of cataloging.  Write “Classified,” dates, and other words or letters to better fill the space.  Notes can be taped on as well.
  • Color in any space left open with a black marker so the shelf will appear to have depth.
  • Stand the bookcases in the corner and tape together the joining edges to give greater stability.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Vault Room (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Evidence Room with Mr. Mark (Video)

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