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The Big Idea: A futuristic looking table with white table top and seat tops to match the look of the Visual Pack posters.

Supplies Needed: White Styrofoam Insulation Sheet, hot knife, permanent marker, 15 inch squares of double thickness cardboard, utility knife, cement mold tube, spray paint, aluminum foil and tape.


  • With the Styrofoam lying face down on the floor, draw a large circle on one end.  Use a string and marker as a compass to achieve a more uniform circle pattern.
  • Use the same method to draw four smaller circles on the remaining material for the seat tops.  (Hint- Use a round trash can or another object as a pattern or make one circle and trace the others to make all four circles identical.)
  • Cut the cement mold tube to 30 inches in height. Then cover with aluminum foil and secure with aluminum tape or scotch tape. Add foam table top.
  • Use leftover pieces of the tube for seats measuring 15 inches in height. Cover with foil.
  • A seat frame can be created with 15 inch squares of cardboard.  Draw an X from corner to corner to locate the center.  From the center draw a line straight up and cut that line on both pieces.  Now slide the two squares together as an X.  Spray paint in bright colors and add the circle foam top.
  • The table and stools are not to be used since they are props for the decorations. Add a tube of clear laminating film that you join together and tape if that is available to you.  Flowers and/or an announcement sign on the table would be fine.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Break Room Table (PowerPoint)

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