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The Big Idea: This invention is hanging from the ceiling and will create real interest with the kids.

Supplies Needed: Large clear (disposable) bowl from the party store, short hoses like washing machine hoses, garden hoses, extension cords, pipe insulation sections or other items you might be able to gather without purchasing, a blinking flashlight or two, metal slinky toy or whisk. (Note- The add-on items can get heavy and these are only suggestions.  Use whatever you might have on hand to create your invention.  Spray paint if nessecary.)


  • Using a utility knife, cut an X in the bottom of the bowl then push hose end through.
  • Hang the clear bowl invention above the table by slipping the ends of the hoses under the tiles of the ceiling or using string and tacks in solid ceilings.  Add pipe insulation sections or other lightweight ropes, hoses and such if desired.
  • Inside the bowl, tie blinking flashlights, whisk or slinky to the hose end inside the bowl.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Craft Lab (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Craft Lab with Mr. Mark (Video)

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