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The Big Idea: This music classroom will need space for kids to see a television and enjoy movement and motions.  Choose a corner of the classroom to set up this scene so the remaining space can be filled by the kids.

Supplies Needed: Two Tables, DVD player, Television or projection equipment, old computer monitors and keyboards, books, office/ desk supplies, file folders (Write “Top Secret” or “Classified” across the folder), gray vinyl tablecloths, two large white Styrofoam screens, row of TV monitors (prop) across the middle of the wall and solid colored bed sheets to cover walls of classroom and floor (optional).


  • Hang the bed sheets from the ceiling with bungee cords and paperclips.  Use safety pins in the sheet to avoid holes made from hooks. The corner can be covered with a strip of aluminum foil if desired.
  • Place two long tables along the walls in the corner and cover with table cloths. Place the TV cart in the corner between the tables (or large faux TV).
  • Unroll the row of TV monitors about 12 inches above the tables.  Attach to the sheets with pins or tape to the wall.
  • Add two large Styrofoam screens just above the row of TV monitors.
  • Place computer monitors, old video cameras and office props on the tables and a couple of chairs in front of each table.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Communication Hub (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Communication Hub with Mr. Mark (Video)

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