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The Big Idea: Monitors to create work stations for communication desks.

Supplies Needed: Pizza boxes or other flat boxes in smaller sizes, spray paint, ruler, craft knife, laminated fabric or paper to give a shiny surface for the screen, toilet plunger, and old keyboards (cut off cords).  Optional- Retired or junk monitors.


  • Paint boxes and plungers white or black to match the keyboards.
  • Measure an equal width edge around the box front and draw lines (not larger than the screen fabric or paper)
  • Cut along the lines to remove the center square.
  • Tape the fabric or paper inside the box.
  • Seal the lid of the box with tape.
  • Cut an “X” on the bottom of the box for the plunger handle to pass through and into the box.
  • Adjust height on the plunger pole once it is on the table.
  • Optional- Add self-adhesive red/ green dots for the power light on the front of the monitor and/or sticky notes as reminders for work or return calls.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Communication Hub (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Communication Hub with Mr. Mark (Video)

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