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The Big Idea: This metal lab table is made with mailing tube legs and foil covered cardboard top

Supplies Needed: four mailing tubes or tubes cut at equal lengths, silver spray paint, cardboard (double thickness) cut to your preferred size and shape, aluminum foil and tapePicture1


  • Spray paint the tubes silver
  • Cover the cardboard with foil and secure with tape
  • Stand the tubes in place then add the tabletop secure the legs with tape.
  • Place lightweight lab tools, goggles and items on the table.
  • Tip- If the lab table is placed in the corner, tape it to the walls for greater stability.


The Big Idea: If space allows, add other tables & shelves to hold meters, magnet toys, and other items of interest to kids.  Make items from boxes and add elements of interest.

Supplies Needed: Medium size box, silver spray paint, silver dryer vent hose, and food cling wrap. Gather safe but interesting items from around your home to display.  Add lights when possible for greater interest.Picture2


  • Cut windows in all sides of a box.
  • Spray paint silver.
  • On the inside, tape food cling wrap or laminating film as windows.
  • Add any other boxes on top and a silver dryer vent hose stretched from the ceiling to the top of the box.
  • Add small battery charger or other items to create greater interest.

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