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The Big Idea: This large screen TV is for sitting on a table to discover information.  The TV will appear to have no reception with the screen in a zigzag pattern or straight color bars.

Supplies Needed: Flat box the desired TV size (left from the purchase of a TV or box supply store), black enamel paint or spray paint, utility knife, yardstick, patterned fabric (laminated for screen front), black duct tape, Optional- add an antenna on top


  • Paint box
  • Measure the opening of the box for the screen (allow room for screen to fit the hole and be taped inside).
  • Tape the laminated fabric screen inside the box covering the hole.
  • Tape each end of the box closed.
  • Add antenna on top

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Communication Hub (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Communication Hub with Mr. Mark (Video)

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