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The Big Idea: This is a super sophisticated GPS device in the maps room.  The lasers are replaced with ribbon coming from two party bowls joined together as a ball.

Supplies Needed: Two black disposable bowls, Velcro self-adhesive dots, utility knife, bungee cord, red curling ribbon, black duct tape, scotch tape and scissors.


  • Create the large over-head laser machine by using two identical black deposable bowls from the party store.
  • Place around the rim of one bowl four sets of Velcro self-adhesive dots (already connected) to one bowl.
  • Add the second bowl, rim to rim, so it creates a ball shape.
  • Cut a small hole through the rim of both bowls for the bungee cord to hook.
  • Add a curl of black duct tape to the bottom of one bowl to face the map.
  • Cut long lengths of red ribbon to reach from the ball to the shower curtain map and table map.
  • Place a second strip of black tape over the tape curl on the ball to better conceal the ribbon.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Missions Map Room (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Missions Map Room with Mr. Mark (Video)

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