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The Big Idea: This is a walk through device for security.

Supplies Needed: Long narrow box, silver spray paint, sticky letters “SECURITY,” two 6’ PVC poles each anchored in cans of cement, silver tarp (at least 6 x 8’), two red reflectors, four microphone stands and caution tape or ribbon.


  • Spray paint box.
  • Add “SECURITY” across the front of the box.
  • Open the tarp and cut two foot widths 6’ tall. (Try to keep the fold in the middle to better help you during assembly.)
  • Fold the lids of the box inside and slide the tarp end on the side under the flaps with the opening in the back of the tarp.  Repeat on the other side.
  • Slide each pole up the inside of the tarp until it reaches the top of the box.
  • Use curls of tape to close the tarp.
  • Lay the last piece of tarp on the floor under the rig with directional arrows made from colored duct tape.
  • Add reflectors to the box.
  • Add microphone stands and caution tape to create the lane (plungers and rope can be a great substitute).

 Watch Mr. Mark Create the Headquarters (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Worship Rally Headquarters with Mr. Mark (Video, Part 1)

Walk Through the Worship Rally Headquarters with Mr. Mark (Video, Part 2)

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