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missions map room

The Big Idea: This Top Secret Intelligence rotation stop is equipped with laser precise locations of missions work on a large hanging map as well as a table top 3-D map.

Supplies Needed: Aluminum foil (longest width), tape, several paper maps, several plastic clocks and names of locations on separate strips of paper, small table, cardboard fabric cutting table topper, red curling ribbon, black disposable bowls from party store, bungee cords, TV/ DVD player, world map on a clear shower curtain (, Bed Bath and Beyond retail stores) or transfer a map using general shapes of continents onto a clear shower curtain liner using permanent markers, Optional- Floor covering with bed sheet or table cloths


  • Remove all items from the walls and area you wish to use as the focal area.  A far corner of the classroom away from windows will be best.
  • Place the floor covering decoration down to create the boundary area.
  • Create industrial-like beams by unrolling several long strips of aluminum foil to tape to the wall (beginning at the ceiling and to reach to the floor).  Other materials can be explored but might require painting first.
  • Hang clear shower curtain map with bungee cords across the corner. (Hint- if bungee cords are too long, tie a knot or loop to shorten them)
  • Tape other maps and teaching items on the walls.
  • Add clocks above maps with names of locations posted under each clock.
  • Locate the TV/DVD in the scene near an electricity outlet and where the children can easily see it.
  • Move a table in the center of the scene. Unfold the cardboard fabric cutting table to cover the table.
  • Tape a map of your choice, on the table top. Use a yardstick and draw the gridlines over the map to better incorporate the map into the table top.  Add trees, mountains, structures from children’s toys to give the map table a 3-D appearance.
  • Hang the GPS Ball from the ceiling above the table.
  • Stick one end of the ribbon to the tape on the ball and stretch to ribbon toward the maps and secure it with scotch tape in different locations.  Clip excess ribbon if needed.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Missions Map Room (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Missions Map Room with Mr. Mark (Video)

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