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craft lab

The Big Idea: The Craft Lab scene should be displayed near the entrance to resemble a lab where contraptions are being invented.  The classroom should have plenty of lab tables (possibly covered in silver vinyl table cloths) and chairs for the kids to invent their own creations.

Supplies Needed: King-size bed sheet, Trusses, lab tables, faux TV, clear overhead invention, side table inventions and lab equipment. Optional- floor mats and shelves from the classroom for extra lab props


  • Choose a corner easily noticed as kids enter.
  • Hang a bed sheet to cover any items in the classroom from this scene (Use bungee cords & safety pins).
  • Secure the trusses to the ceiling with the magnets or push pins.  Hang the first truss in the corner against the wall and tape the bottom to the wall if needed.
  • Place the lab table between the trusses against the wall by standing up the tubes and laying the table surface on top.  Secure the legs with tape.
  • Hang the clear bowl invention above the table by slipping the ends of the hoses under the tiles of the ceiling or using string and tacks in solid ceilings.  Add pipe insulation sections or other lightweight ropes, hoses and such if desired.
  • If the classroom space allows, provide an island lab table with the over-head clear bowl invention, shelf with more lab equipment and a faux TV.
  • Tip- Add lighting anytime it is possible to help bring the scene more energy and interest.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Craft Lab (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Craft Lab with Mr. Mark (Video)

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