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vault door

The Big Idea: The cage-like door with digital passcode entrance will help set the scene that this is a secure room with important contents.

Supplies Needed: Foil covered 4 x 8 foot insulation foam board (Home Improvement Stores), yardstick, utility knife, netting fabric, aluminum tape, medium size black calculator, black and silver aerosol can lids.


  • Lay the front of foam board flat on the floor.  Measure two foot down from the top and cut off that two foot portion.
  • This will leave a six foot  door in height. The portion removed will become the over door transient hanging from the ceiling.
  • Decide which direction you want the door to open.  Write “knob” and circle it so you will have a reference.
  • On the opposite side measure over 12 inches on the back and score the length of the door to create the hinge.  Be careful to not cut through so you can bend back the door.  This way it can stand alone with no supports.
  • To create the three openings of the door.  Measure around the edge of the door five inches and draw the cut lines.  Remember to leave space for the knob, lock and keypad (calculator).  This middle section will be smaller than the top and bottom openings.
  • Cut and remove the material.  Retain the foil covered board scraps to be used as table tops and signs.
  • Apply aluminum tape around the outside and inside edges to conceal the insulation.
  • Add the netting fabric by cutting sections to cover the open space.
  • Spray paint the fabric the desired color is needed.
  • Tape to the back of the door by pulling it tight and evenly stretching so it resembles steel wire.
  • Stand the door up and add the keypad (calculator), knob and deadbolt lock (aerosol lids work fine) using Velcro sticky dots.
  • Repeat the process for the transient above the door and add open paper clips to the back to hang from the ceiling with string.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Vault Room (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Evidence Room with Mr. Mark (Video)

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