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The Big Idea: Provide a large metal table in the center of the vault to examine evidence.

Supplies Needed: Large flat box, four mailing tubes, utility knife, aluminum foil (widest size), tape, silver spray paint. Optional: rope light and transparent party trays.


  • Spray paint tubes silver.
  • Tape the lids of the box securely.
  • Optional- Trace the party trays on the top of the box and cut inside the lines so the trays will sit on top without falling through.
  • Trace the tubes opening on the bottom and cut so tubes fit as table legs.
  • Cover the top of the table with foil and secure it with tape on the bottom.
  • With gentle pressure, rub your hand around the openings of the holes to reveal on the foil.
  • Cut the foil inside each hole allowing room to fold the foil inside the box then tape.
  • Insert the legs and stand the table.
  • Place the rope light inside the box and secure with tape.  Cut a small opening in the bottom for the cord to pass through.
  • Place transparent party trays in the holes so the light can be seen.

Watch Mr. Mark Create the Vault Room (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Evidence Room with Mr. Mark (Video)

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