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The Big Idea: Resembles the scanning in airports. To be placed on the opposite side of the stage or entrances into the worship rally.

Supplies Needed: Two tables, silver vinyl table cloths, silver spray paint, long letter size file storage box and three lids, 20 paper towel tubes, small light, black poster board cut the size of the box end with slits cut to create a fringe and a foil covered sign with the words “X-RAY in Progress”


  • Spray paint the unfolded box, lids and tubes.
  • Set up long table with silver table clothes.
  • Place all the tubes in the box lids as rollers on the table about a box length apart.
  • Place a small light in between.
  • Cover the light with the unfolded box allowing the rollers to come out both sides only slightly inside the box.  Turn the light on and place the lid on top.
  • Add the X-RAY sign on the front and any reflectors desired.
  • Add the black poster board fringe on both ends.
  • Create a “Safe Wand” prop for screening with triple thickness of cardboard cut into a paddle shape.  Cover with duct tape and lettering. Lay this on the table and use at random for fun and laughs.


Watch Mr. Mark Create the Headquarters (PowerPoint)

Walk Through the Worship Rally Headquarters with Mr. Mark (Video, Part 1)

Walk Through the Worship Rally Headquarters with Mr. Mark (Video, Part 2)

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