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Build the Treehouse:

1) The tree house has panels to create the walls and roof which attach to the legs of the card table.  Cut square panels of cardboard (double wall thickness) to fit the side of your table from leg to leg and the length of the legs.

 build 3

2) Using a flat brown color, spray paint around the boarder of each panel and paint stripes as the cracks of the wood planks.


3) When the paint has dried, draw long bold lines with a black marker to better define the board lines.  Other lines can be drawn to resemble weathered wood.


4) The roof can be created by using a flat sheet of cardboard to cover the structure and rest on all four legs leaving a small amount to hang over.  To create a pitched roof, use a six feet by four feet (6 x 4) sheet of double wall cardboard.  Measure in three feet on both sides and draw a line across.  Score the line with a knife cutting only halfway through so the panel will be hinged and bend as the eve of the roof.

 build 2

5) The roof can look thatched by layering grass skirts or fringe on the cardboard and securing with tape.  Secure each panel and the roof to the legs of the card table.  Add cane, jute or other natural elements as desired.

Build the Tree-House



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