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Foliage Banners:


1) Choose three different solid colors of green broadcloth fabric (two yards each).  The colors should be light, medium and darker shades of green. vine2


2) Open the cloth and fold it in half.  Cut from one corner diagonally to the other corner in a wavy line not straight.  This will provide three sections of foliage; one larger piece to hang in the middle and two corner pieces to hang against the wall.


3) Trim the sections more if they need to be modified to fit your space.


4) Attach leaf shapes from colored paper to the fabric with a stapler.  Fewer leaves suggest this is foliage without filling the entire surface of the fabric.




1) Use masking paper used for paint projects since it is cheaper and thinner making it easier to twist into vines.


2) As the paper unrolls, simply twist with your hands to create the vines.


3) Add silk vines, leaves and flowers to hang down.

VBS Vines and Foilage

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