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Large Stand-Up Trail Map:


1) Use a card board pattern cutting table topper sold in most fabric stores. map2


2) Lay it fully opened on a table.


3) Lightly cover the surface with cooled coffee to give an aged look.


4) Allow some wet coffee grounds to sit in places to stain the surface more unevenly for a better affect.


5) When the surface is dry, create large jagged areas of land by cutting pieces of brown or green construction paper and glue directly on the card board.


6) Repeat the process with blue to identify water areas.


7) Be careful to not cover the entire board since the grid should still be showing.


8) Label VBS destination sites with a marker or pieces from the bulletin board set including other graphics like flowers and foliage.


9) Stand the finished map on the floor or table by allowing it to fan-fold slightly.
Large Stand Up Trail Map

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