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Rushing Waters Music:


1) Select a corner of the room most visible from the door as children enter.water


2) Hang a large bed sheet with large paper binder clips from the ceiling to cover the walls and to serve as the sky in this scene.


3) Place a blue tarp on the floor to be the pool or lagoon.


4) Place a ladder or a furniture item that is at least five feet tall in the corner and on both sides if you want the waterfalls to fill around the corner.


5) Place a shorter item like a child-size table in front of the ladder and add a couple of children’s chairs on the table to create a stair-stepped effect.


6) Place earth tone colored bed sheets, fabric, or paper, that you have spray painted, over the structure as the ground.


7) Place blue fabric and/or a blue foil curtain on the structure as water flowing from the top and into the lagoon.


8) Add silk greenery, flowers, and lily pads.


Please note: the water falls can be more than one by simply repeating these steps and using more of the corner space you have chosen.  Try to create the waterfalls with furniture items in the room that will not be used and need to be covered anyway.

Rushing Waters Music

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