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1) Locate the corner or end of the room most visible from the entrance door.shady

2) Cover the wall area by hanging green bulletin board paper or jungle painted bed sheets (king size is recommended).  Use large paper binder clips on each corner and clip the sheet to the drop ceiling track.  Overlap the sheets slightly to cover the corner.  The paper strips can be taped together in the back to prevent gapping and sheets can be clipped together with clothespins or clips.

3) Spread a large piece of grass like carpet in the corner to serve as the ground.  Substitute green paper, sheets, blankets or rugs to save money.  Place pillows or other items under the grass to create an uneven ground area.

4) Place the prepared foliage banners along the ceiling tracks with magnets or paper binder clips.  Layer the foliage banners with darker colors in the back and lighter colors in the front.

shady 35) Secure the vines to the ceiling with clips.  Make sure the vines are visible among the foliage.  Attach silk flowers and leaves to the vines.

6) Stand large trees near the wall but not flat to the wall.

7) Add flowers and rocks on the ground as needed to enhance the scene.  Keep it simple and clean.

8) Add decoration near the door with vines and foliage.  Cut brown craft paper for tree trunks just slightly crumpled and opened to provide a little texture then add them to the door opening or entrance.

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