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Build the Scene:

1) Locate the corner of the room most visible from the entrance door.


2) Cover the wall area by hanging sky blue bulletin board paper or bed sheets (king size is recommended).  Use large paper binder clips on each corner and clip the sheet to the drop ceiling track.  Overlap the sheets slightly to cover the corner.  The paper strips can be taped together in the back to prevent gaping and sheets can be tanglesclipped together with clothespins.


3) Spread a large piece of grass-like carpet in the corner to serve as the ground.  Substitute green paper, sheets, blankets or rugs to save money.  Place pillows or other items under the grass to create an uneven ground area.


4) Add the water stream with a blue shiny tarp, fabric or paper.  The stream will begin behind the tree and wrap around the tree moving across the front of the scene. Materials like cellophane or foil curtains can be added to resemble moving water.  Place pillows or items under the grass to create a raised edge on both sides of the stream.  Add rocks, flowers, fish and other nature items as desired.  A small bridge can be added, but be sure it cannot be mistaken as secure since inviting kids into the scene could be disastrous.


5) Place the large tube (cement mold) in the scene as the focal point. Add the camouflage fabric or painted bed sheets by tucking it into the top of the tube and covering the tube to the floor.  Allow the fabric to appear rough and gathered not tight around the tube.  The left over fabric on the floor can be twisted to resemble tree roots.


6) Open a folding card table and place it on the tube upside down.  Attach cardboard side pieces and roof of the tree house.  Place a battery operated lantern inside the tree house for visual interest.


7) Stand cardboard branches behind the tree house or attach large branches cut from cardboard to the trunk and to the bottom of the tree house to give the appearance they are supporting the tree house.


8) Hang a strip of camouflage fabric from the ceiling as the top of the trunk hanging down behind the tree house if needed.  Add large branches across the top by attaching to the ceiling.


9) A second tree house can be added using the same method.  Add a rope bridge to connect the two tree houses.

Tangled Treehouse


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